A cosy dining room with panelled walls makes the perfect setting for an elegant dinner party with friends.

Everything in this room has had the Annie Sloan touch – from the walls and furniture to the linens and place settings. Colour brings the whole space together and here we focused on a palette of jewel greens and moody blues.

The panelled walls painted in Aubusson Blue create a cosy, elegant atmosphere.

The dining chairs are painted with a thick texture in Chalk Paint® in Florence and finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax followed by Black Chalk Paint® Wax to bring out the brushstrokes. The seat pads have been covered with Linen Union in Provence + Aubusson Blue which is matched by the napkins. The leaf and string used to tie them have been gilded with Gilding Wax.

The candle holders have been painted using Chalk Paint® in Burgundy and Gilding Wax

The table is the centre of any dining room. This centre piece has been painted in Chalk Paint® using Annie Sloan’s signature frottage technique. First a coat of Graphite was applied. Once dry, a wash of Aubusson Blue was added over the top. The frottage occurs by scrunching newspaper, laying it back out flat over the wash of Aubusson Blue, and smoothing your hand over it. Peeling off the newspaper reveals a texture and organic pattern that brings a subtle aged patina. A final coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax seals everything in.

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